Doctor honoured with National Volunteer Award

Dr George Grech has volunteered for more than 15 years at Dar tal-Providenza where he helped spearhead the therapeutic pool project at the residence

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Dr George Grech was given the National Volunteer Award 2020 during an even organised by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and presided over by President George Vella. The doctor who is an active volunteer at Dar tal-Providenza has contributed over 15 years of work to the residents at the care home. He also helped spearheading the therapeutic pool project.

The National Volunteer Award is awarded to an individual volunteer who has contributed in any field, such as social, humanitarian, health, ecological, cultural, education, sports, etc. The voluntary work must have had a positive contribution towards a particular field and should ideally have served as an inspiration to others.

Martina Livori who has been active with several voluntary organizations since she was 12 years old received the Youth Volunteer Award. Livori is active with Senglea’s Salesian Youth Centre, Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS), Youths Engage in Senglea (YES), and the Legion of Mary among others.

Another two awards, the Voluntary Organisation and Corporate Volunteer awards, were presented to Ħal Far Outreach and Where’s Everybody respectively.

Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima announced the extension of the Operational Assistance Scheme, a €3 million investment fund set up to support voluntary organisations during the pandemic.

Voluntary work translates into a fairer and more inclusive society – President George Vella

All those who choose to get involved in a voluntary organization create a network of help and support that will, over time, translate into a fairer and more inclusive society, President Vella said during the ceremony.

The President pointed out that a country with a strong volunteering sector and which reaches different aspects of life – including health, education, social assistance, sports, and the environment – builds on the universal principles of empathy and help to others. All these were, and still are, important foundations on which the moral fabric of Maltese society is built. He acknowledged the thousands of volunteers involved in nearly 2,000 organisations covering all kinds of volunteer services in the community.

Vella noted that various NGOs experienced disruption due to the global coronavirus pandemic which exacerbated the various challenges that they face. He mentioned how the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation is also going through similar challenges, adding that he understood much more the determination of voluntary organisations to continue to be of service even in these difficult times.

“I believe that the field of voluntary work is a treasure that grows little by little every day as a result of thousands of individuals who choose, resolutely, to give their energy and time to help others or be a strong voice against one injustice or another,” said President Vella.

“These awards are just a small gesture compared to the appreciation and pride that the Maltese people have towards the thousands of volunteers who, in one way or another, are making a difference in the life of others and are role models for all of us. Through the work of these individuals who, in the most dedicated way and without any kind of personal gain, give their time, their personal and their professional skills to help others, the quality of life of those around us improves. These are examples that, in the darkness of the negativism and the division that unfortunately are still among us, light the road we must take if we really want to see our country and society happy and progressing.”

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