Do we really have poor people in Malta?

Are we placing people in the centre of our economy?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

This week’s edition of Andrew Azzopardi on 103 discusses the phenomena of poverty which seems to be growing instead of subsiding, notwithstanding we have such a strong economy. Are there any solutions to solve this?

A panel of experts will help us deconstruct the issue: Community Development Worker Denise Farrugia, Care Standards Authority CEO Matthew Vella, Commentator Bryn Manning & lecturers Dr Stephanie Fabri, Dr Sue Vella and Dr Katya Degiovanni. 

In the second part of the programme, we will discuss the economic model and whether this needs a re-think. Are we happy that the pocket of many will fill up well, but others remain unable to cope with their take-home income? Should we be looking at ways how we can ensure that the wealth is distributed equally and fairly? This will be discussed together with Caritas Community Worker Albert Debono and Economists Mark Caruana and Joseph F X Zahra. 

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