Do the vulnerable agree this is best budget ever, Delia asks

Adrian Delia
Miguela Xuereb

Former opposition leader Adrian Delia questioned the social credentials of the 2021 Budget in Parliament on Tuesday, questioning whether those who were struggling agreed that the budget was the best ever.

Delia, who was speaking during debate on the financial estimates of the Economy Ministry, chose to criticise the government’s economic policies from the left. He questioned whether the wealth that was being generated was being distributed equitably, or whether some were enriching themselves at others’ expense.

He insisted that a key challenge for the government was not simply to prepare for today or tomorrow, but to retain a social conscience in doing so.

The MP highlighted that the Labour government was ostensibly a socialist one, one which should fiercely safeguard the interests of the poor, the workers and the vulnerable.

But he questioned whether these would agree with Prime Minister Robert Abela’s assertion that the 2021 Budget was the best budget ever drafted in Malta. If that wasn’t the case, he said, that meant that the government’s economic model had failed to achieve its goals.

Delia also argued that the government’s strength did not derive from what it could dictate or decide, but on its ability to understand the struggles and suffering of society. The government should not simply strive to win the next election, but work towards a wider vision that would improve people’s lives and change their destiny.