“Do not be afraid of taking Mary into your homes” – Mgr Grech

Diocese of Gozo

Gozo Bishop Mgr. Mario Grech invited Christians to not be afraid to take Mary into their homes. He said this during his homily following the portrait of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu returning to the Church. Sunday marked the end of the two-week pilgrimage which saw the portrait visiting every Parish in Gozo.

Mgr. Grech explained how the from the portrait which was painted 400 years ago, Mary called Karmena Grima closer and contemplate her Assumption to heaven with both body and soul. He continued to say that he imagines Mary telling Grima to not give up, because with the power of Christ, Mary won over death.

He continued to explain that, since the pilgrimage has now ended, it is in people’s hands to take Mary into their homes. The Gozo Diocese dedicated this year to Mary, leading Mgr. Grech to invite the congregation to find some times every day for the Mother of God.

The homily also spoke about Marian qualities, and what she went through when she found out she would become the mother of God. He referred to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council , which say that Mary continued down her path and remained strong with faith and her unity with her crucified Son. The Bishop explained how Mary recognised human frailty and believe that God saves in suffering.

Mgr. Grech also explained what St Joseph could have suffered due to his unemployment, reminding that Pope Francis calls him “the custodian for the weak”. He continued to say that various incidents show the weakness within our families, while explaining that weakness is not only physical, but also moral and spiritual. He also reminded that God always sends his angels to show the way.