Ditch Christmas trees, light a candle for Muscat, Labour supporters urge

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Following the announcement by Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat that he will step down as Prime Minister and party leader in January, Labourites are spreading a message not to decorate for Christmas as they are mourning Muscat’s “departure”. Supporters are urging fellow supporters to light a candle in front of a photo of Joseph Muscat.

TV presenter Karl Stagno Navarra who hosts Pjazza on Partit Laburista’s TV station ONE TV had asked Labourites to show their support to Muscat by lighting a candle.

In various posts shared on pages and on Labourite groups on Facebook, the message reads that this is a difficult time since Muscat is stepping down.

The message reads that instead of decorating their homes, they should light a candle in front of a photo of Partit Laburista leader.