Discussions robust but further assurances needed – May

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to the media as she arrives at the European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium October 18, 2018. REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

The Prime Minister Theresa May has told reporters at the press conference following the EU summit in Brussels that she has had a ‘robust discussion’ with the EU Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker.

She told the press that the EU is, ‘firmly committed’ to the course of having the, ‘future partnership in place by the time the implementation period is over’.  However she also explained the MPs will still, ‘require further assurances’ and that, ‘further clarification and discussion is possible’.

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She explained that it was ‘very clear from EU leaders that want to ensure that the deal gets over the line’. She said that she had received a ‘clear commitment’ from them towards it and that they would be working with the UK to achieve it.

‘There is work still to do and we’ll be holding talks in coming days in order to obtain the further assurnaces that the UK parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal.’, she said.

The Prime Minister was asked to explain her conservation she had with the EU Commission President in which she is seen calling out Mr Juncker’s use of the word, ‘nebulous’. She explains that Mr Juncker’s particular phrase referred to aspects of the debate and not herself, rather she said she had a ‘good working relationship’ with Mr Juncker.

Mrs May concluded her address by saying that, ‘it is in the overwhelming interest of all our people in the EU and the UK to get this done and as quickly as possible.’