Discounted hotel rooms offered to Gozitans stranded at Ċirkewwa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Several Gozitans who have been stranded in Malta due to the suspension of the ferry service between the two islands have been offered discounted hotel rooms.

Some of those stranded at Ċirkewwa have waited for over three hours, in the hope that the ferry service between the two islands would resume soon, is informed.

Updated: Ferries to Gozo, Sicily cancelled due to adverse weather conditions

The Ministry for Gozo has stepped in to assist those stranded at Ċirkewwa by entering into an agreement with a number of hotels where those who cannot return home can spend the night.

In a Facebook post, Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana listed a number of hotels with which the Ministry has reached an arrangement.

The hotels are:

Seabank Hotel: Two-bedrooms at €50 each. There are 12 rooms in total. Tel: 22891000

San Antonio Hotel: 72 rooms are available at €30 each. Tel: 21583434

Dolmen Hotel: 60 rooms breakfast not included at €25. Tel: 23552355.

Euroclub Hotel, Qawra: 100 beds at €25 includes breakfast. Tel: 21581079.

AX Sunny Coast Hotel: Five apartments each can take up to five individuals. Each at €135. Tel: 21581459

AX Sunny Coast Hotel: An apartment for two is available at €90. Tel: 21581459

Seashells: Seven two-bed rooms at €70. Tel: 21577101

Primera Hotel: 25 rooms at €25 each. Tel: 21573880

Pebbles Hotel: Five rooms at €49.50 each. Tel: 20102222

Luna Hotel: 14 rooms at €35 each. Tel: 21521645

Topaz Hotel: 30 two-bed rooms at €24 each. Tel: 20146300

Pergola Hotel: Six rooms that take up to 24 persons at €40 each. Tel: 21523912

Danish Village: Three bungalows, sleeps six at €75 for two individuals. Tel: 22893000

Salini Hotel: 50 rooms available. One-bed rooms at €50 each while two-bed rooms at €70. Tel: 20163000

De George Hotel Qawra: 20 rooms, single-bed rooms at €50 each while twin-bedrooms at €70.

Soreda Hotel: 10 twin-bed rooms at €70 each. Tel: 21576267

Relax Inn: Two rooms at €40 each. Tel: 21570300

Santa Maria Hotel: 11 rooms at €38.60 each. Tel: 20105533

Dolmen Hotel: Sixty twin-bedrooms at €25. Price includes food. Tel: 23552355.

Paradise Hotel is already fully booked.

Gozitan patients can spend their night in a hotel too

The Health Ministry will be paying for the accommodation of Gozitan patients who had an appointment at Mater Dei Hospital on Tuesday and could not travel back home. The Ministry will cover the accommodation of the patient and another person. Breakfast will also be included.

Patients are being urged to present their medical appointment letter at the reception of DB Seabank Resort & Spa, Għadira or DB San Antonio & Spa, Qawra.

For Maltese stranded in Gozo…

For those Maltese who are stranded in Gozo, the Ministry for Gozo has reached an agreement with Manresa Retreat Home which is offering a bed for €20 per person. The price includes breakfast. One may call on 79492680.