Disappearing trees: This time in Żebbuġ, Imrieħel and Pietà

From photos that were sent to Newsbook.com.mt a number of trees around Malta have disappeared, including ones in the Localities of Żebbuġ, Mrieħel and Pietà.

The tree in Żebbuġ roundabout got a good pruning ahead of decreasing the roundabout size.

According to a Facebook post by Civil Society Network the trees in Marsa bypass direction Imrieħel have also been massacred.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia took to Facebook and shared a post of tree chopped in Pietà.

Proper roadside tree management practices improves society's quality of life across many fronts. They are the back…

Posted by Adrian Delia on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In his post Delia said that trees are the backbone for built-up areas as well as they make the spaces more livable and improve the quality of air, cool streets and reduce the visual impact brought about by human activity.