Developing Gozo ODZ land opens ‘floodgates’ – FAA

Credit: FAA

Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, has condemned two proposals to re-designate ODZ land as space to build on, saying approval would open the ‘floodgates’ to development.

It is understood that the proposals cover ODZ land in Xlendi and Ghasri.

According to the FAA, two planning control applications have been made by the same applicant in what they say is ‘an attempt to turn agricultural fields into apartment blocks – a request which under the present restrictions for the area would be out-rightly refused.’

They state that the Planning Control Application method, can only be used in specific ways to make, ‘minor changes to land already within the development’ and not for a complete re-zoning of an area.

The FAA call on the Planning Authority to act against these proposals or risk what they call an opening of the ‘floodgates’ of applications which will result in more and more development of ODZ land.

‘We have unfortunately already witnessed the ruin of large parts of Malta following years of rampant and unregulated development. Now it seems developers are turning their sights to the relatively untouched beauty of Gozo by means of what can be considered nothing more than ‘creative’ applications, in an attempt to defy existing planning regulations. Their approval would truly spell the end for Gozo and kill any chance for its sustainable development.’

‘It is the abandonment of public bodies safeguarding the public’s interest in planning decisions. It is the surrender of our well-being to business interests. These applications must be refused.’, they continue.