Developers’ lobby wants construction workers to qualify for state aid

construction site
Miguela Xuereb

The Malta Developers’ Association is insisting that construction workers are entitled to state benefits like other categories of workers.

In a statement on Tuesday, the MDA said it made tangible proposals which would see developers and contractors agreeing to reduce further excavation and demolition works.

The lobby insisted that since the measure would result in a reduction in working hours, construction employees should not be discriminated and therefore they should be treated exactly like other categories of employees and benefit from state aid.

Some 16,000 full-time employees work in the construction industry according the MDA.

The MDA said that it had already instructed its members to reduce as much as possible the unavoidable inconvenience caused by construction projects in residential areas. Its members were directed to start excavation and demolition works after 8am. Developers and contractors were encouraged to avoid noisy works during sensitive hours of the day.

The MDA claimed that some of its members had suspended its works completely.

The association will continue to monitor the situation with regards to how the construction industry is responding to the ongoing emergency and is reporting to the authorities those in the sector who are still abusing. The MDA welcomed the intervention by the Building and Construction Agency at a site in Gzira on Monday. It underlined that the developer in question was not a member of the lobby.