Developers complain about application process

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has received numerous complaints about the output of the Office of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

The MDA feels that enough time has passed since the recent changes in the set-up of this
office and it now expects this office to work more efficiently and expeditiously. However, it seems that this office is still hampered by lack of human resources and is consequently facing responsibilities beyond its capacity.

The MDA appreciates the importance of these responsibilities, but it cannot allow the
current state where the Superintendence faces a large backlog in its workload that cannot
be tackled with the speed that any applicant for development expects.

This situation is not only frustrating applicants for development but is also increasing
their costs. This extra cost will eventually be borne by the buyers of newly built property,
with the general public not realising that interests paid because of bureaucracy and time-
wasting are part of the equation when calculating the cost of a project.

MDA appeals to the competent authority to take the necessary measures to solve this
problem without further delay.