“Detention and open centre workers not well-supported” – Delia


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The workers at the detention centres and open centres are not supported well enough. Adrian Delia, Nationalist Party (PN) leader, said this during an interview on NET FM on Saturday morning.

He stated that in light of the riots at the Ħal Far open centre, the workers do not have the necessary resources to aid them in their work. He went on to say that Malta is too small to carry the weight of all its people. He stressed that it’s important to let immigrants in, but also important that they be transferred to other countries.

Delia went on to talk about education, stating that it is the key to most of life’s opportunities. He said that the current Government has been ignoring teachers, who are a key ingredient to Malta’s educational success. He added that Kurt Farrugia, only recently the Prime Minister’s PRO, is now CEO of Malta Enterprise, earning some €180,000 a year. Delia explicated that this adds up to 9 teachers’ salaries.

He then discussed the issue of foreign workers in Malta, and the economy. He stated that skin colour is of no matter, but that it would be a responsible thing to say that the economy should not depend on the importation of foreign workers. Delia said that the Government is instigating a competition between the Maltese and the foreigners due to this economic system, particularly in terms of housing.

On climate change, Delia stated that PN worked with youths to bring to the table a national consensus on climate change. He said that he was proud of this, as it required awareness of youth’s priorities.