Democratic Party worried about the Copyright Law


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Democratic Party believes that the Copyright Law will not function properly once people are not allowed to attach articles in their online comments without paying.

This is likely to be passed in a few days’ time when the European Parliament votes on the law in Article 11, the Copyright Directive and Article 13 which creates a copyright filter.

It seems that there is no agreement on this directive, with companies such as Wikipedia going on record to say that they are against this law. On the other hand, those in favour of this proposal maintain that certain technology giants such as Facebook and Google, will become controlled. Critics also say small companies would not afford to pay this small fee to keep up with the directive.

The Democratic Party believes that Article 13 of the Directive does not honour the legal criteria of certainty, thinking about how the law could be interpreted in the future, and probability, which means that the legal terms used insufficiently clear and leave too much room for exploitation.

Therefore, the DP urged the Maltese MEPs to oppose this law in the European Parliament, at least until this law is not amended.