Denmark starts culling 17 million mink to halt mutated Covid-19

mink farming
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash

Danish authorities have started the process by which 17 million mink in the country will be gassed and burnt in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19 mutation from the animals to human.

Hundreds of people became infected with a new strain of coronavirus that infected mink, with scientists warning that this strain could be more resistant to any future vaccine.

The United Kingdom has banned arrivals from Denmark as from Saturday, in a bid to minimise the risk of transmission.

The World Health Organisation’s chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said that there is no evidence at the moment that this particular strain of coronavirus could have an impact on the efficacy of the vaccine.

Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the US have also reported coronavirus infections in mink. However it is not clear if they were caused by mutated strains of the virus.

Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of mink.