Demand is on the rise for Catholic education in Europe

Demand for Catholic education in Europe is on the rise. Catholic schools are aiming to reach every individual , however challenges are many and therefore exchange of ideas is important.

This is what transpired from the 94th General Assembly of the CEEC (European Committee for Catholic Education) took place at the Archbishop’s Curia in Floriana con Friday and Saturday.

Some 50 delegates attended this bi-annual conference that focuses on catholic education.

Fr Charles Mallia, the Archbishop’s delegate at the conference said that these meetings allow different dioceses to exchange ideas and share the challenges faced to provide a catholic education in their localities.

He added that European catholic schools are particularly affected by the larger secularised and multi-cultural society in which they have to operate. In fact, one of the bigger challenges is that to reach everyone.

Fr Mallia also referred to Pope Francis’s speech on catholic education which urged for a holistic approach that touches the mind, heart and hands of every individual.

From his end, Paul Barber, President of the International Office, said that catholic education endeavours to pass on values and a culture centred around Jesus Christ. The process might be different according to the country; however, the aim is always the keep Jesus Christ at the core.

Barber added that as demand for catholic education is on the increase, the challenges include political situations, lack of resources also at a national level, and educators with a good formation.