Delia urges NAO to investigate Ministers’ misuse of public funds on social media

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia has urged the Office of the Auditor General to give priority to his investigation of the Ministers’ misuse of public funds on their personal social media pages.

In a press release sent by Partit Nazzjonalista, Adrian Delia said that he understands that the Auditor General is investigating the conclusions reached by Commissioner for Standards in Public Life George Hyzler on Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries’ use of public funds to pay for posts on their social media pages.

Following the publication of the conclusions of the report, Partit Nazzjonalista and independent candidate Arnold Cassola stated that this is unacceptable and those guilty of doing this should pay back the money they spent.

Delia appealed the Auditor General to give priority to this investigation so that the Maltese people can get back the money they were robbed of.

Just this week, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri set up a new page for his Ministry, named Ekonomija, after he was named in Hyzler’s report as one of the Ministers guilty of spending public funds on the promotion of posts on his own page. This week saw the start of the page EU Funds as well, administered by the Parliamentary Secretariat for EU Funds, led by Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi.