New shadow cabinet announced

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista has published a list of its new shadow cabinet.

The new shadow cabinet consist of:

  • Adrian Delia – Opposition leader and Party leader
  • David Agius – Deputy leader for parliamentary affairs; Family and Social Solidarity spokesperson
  • Robert Arrigo – Deputy leader for party affairs; Tourism spokesperson
  • Robert Cutajar – Opposition Whip; Sports and Youths spokesperson
  • Frederick Azzopardi – Deputy Whip
  • Karol Aquilina – Opposition spokesperson for Good Governance, strengthening of democracy, citizenship and public service reform
  • Jason Azzopardi – Opposition spokesperson for Justice
  • Ivan Bartolo – Opposition spokesperson for Social Accommodation, solitude and social exclusion
  • Ivan J. Bartolo – Opposition spokesperson for digital society
  • Toni Bezzina – Opposition spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects
  • Claudette Buttigieg – Opposition spokesperson for Equality and Deputy Speaker
  • Ryan Callus – Opposition spokesperson for Energy and Water Management
  • Therese Comodini Cachia – Opposition spokesperson for National Heritage, Arts and Culture
  • Kevin Cutajar – Opposition spokesperson for Lands, Construction and Sustainable Development
  • Mario de Marco – Opposition spokesperson for Finance
  • Kristy Debono – Opposition spokesperson for Economic Investment, SMEs, Financial Services and EU Funds
  • Maria Deguara – Opposition spokesperson for Active Ageing and Inclusive, and Differently-abled individuals
  • Beppe Fenech Adami – Opposition spokesperson for Home Affairs and National Security
  • Mario Galea – Opposition spokesperson for Mental Health, Social Well-being, Community Care, Dementia, Diabetes and Animal Rights
  • Karl Gouder – Opposition spokesperson for Local Government and Communities
  • Claudio Grech – Opposition spokesperson on the Economy
  • Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici – Opposition spokesperson for the Economy
  • Clyde Puli – Opposition spokesperson for Education, Employment and Social Dialogue
  • Chris Said – Opposition spokesperson for Gozo and Constitutional Reform
  • Hermann Schiavone – Opposition spokesperson for the Catering and Entertainment Industry, Consumer Protection and Public Cleansing
  • Stephen Spiteri – Opposition spokesperson for Health
  • David Thake – Opposition spokesperson for the Environment
  • Edwin Vassallo – Opposition spokesperson for Agriculture, Fishing and Hobbies; Self-Employed and Cooperatives

Delia to announce new shadow cabinet

Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia will announce a reshuffle in the shadow cabinet and will possibly change portfolios of Opposition spokespeople.

This was announced during an interview on Partit Nazzjonalista’s rado station during which he analysed the government’s measures vis-a-vis a number of sectors amid the coronavirus outbreak in Malta. Delia argued that Prime Minister Robert Abela was being reactive in the current situation.

Speaking about the reshuffle, Delia said that the new shadow cabinet will be focusing on the environment, local governance and digital skills. He maintained that the Opposition is no longer reactive but has become proactive. He thanked all those who have come together to work on the party’s reform.

The reshuffle comes after two Nationalists MPs, former leader Simon Busuttil and Marthese Portelli resigned from Parliament.

The Opposition Leader warned the business communities to not take advantage of those who are in a vulnerable position. This is a time to help each other other, he argued. He explained that the current climate has traumatized the population and is leading to an increase in anxiety and depression.

Delia said that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is steadily dismantling his country’s democracy after the Hungarian parliament voted and gave him a mandate to rule by decree, with no expiration data and a negligible oversight. Delia has written to the EPP president urging a special committee to discuss the ongoing situation.