Watch: Delia loses vote of confidence: 19 to 11

Updated 09:50 AM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Additional reporting Monique Agius and Amy Borg

Nineteen PN MPs expressed their lack of trust in their party leader by voting against him in a confidence motion placed before the PN parliamentary group. In a Meeting which started late Tuesday evening and which ended in the wee hours of Wednesday MOrning, Embattled yet obdurate party leader Adrian Delia lost a confidence vote 19-11.

Early in the evenind, the MPs gathered at the Nationalist Party headquarters in Pietà for a crucial parliamentary group meeting which, reports state, may see them subject embattled party leader Adrian Delia to a confidence vote.

The meeting started at 7:40 pm.

30 PN MPs took a secret vote of no confidence in Adrian Delia; 19 voted against Adrian Delia and 11 voted in favour.

In the meantime, a Police officer has entered the PN headquarters for a few minutes.

Though the MPs cannot force Delia out of the party leadership, they can force him out of his constitutional role as Leader of the Opposition.

Photo by: Monique Agius

PN MPs called for an urgent parliamentary meeting after it was reported that Delia kept in touch with Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech via WhatsApp last year, after it became public knowledge that Fenech owned secret Dubai company 17 Black, which leaked emails have linked to offshore structures set up by Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

Delia has insisted that the WhatsApp chats were a fabrication.

Predictably, MPs were questioned on the matter by the press as they entered the building, but chose not to comment ahead of the meeting.

Among those who trickled in in view of the press were Mario de Marco, Hermann Schiavone, Robert Cutajar, Mario Galea, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, Therese Comodini Cachia, Ivan J. Bartolo and Stephen Spiteri. A group of party activists shouted de Marco’s surname as he entered, while Cutajar and Spiteri were met with applause.

Delia beat journalists to the party HQ, having utilised party media to deliver a “message to the nation” on the Vitals hospitals deal earlier in the evening.

Gonzi denies mediation role

Reports that Delia has brought in Lawrence Gonzi in a bid to mediate during the meeting have been denied by the former Prime Minister, with the denial carried by portal Illum.

The Malta Independent had reported that Delia held a meeting with Gonzi during the afternoon. Meanwhile, MaltaToday said that PN MPs are set to provide Delia with the opportunity to resign on his own accord before proceeding to a no-confidence vote.