Delia promises more action against government corruption next week

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Incumbent Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia has promised more action from the Opposition against government corruption next week.

In a short video message on Facebook, the PN leader commented on a rule of law report in which the European Commission expressed concern about Malta’s failure to secure convictions in high-level corruption cases and flagged “deep corruption patterns” within the country.

The PN leader who is currently facing a leadership election against lawyer Bernard Grech scheduled to end on Saturday, said that he will pursue with taking the necessary action to ensure that justice is served.

Delia mentioned high-level corruption, the Electrogas deal and the privatisation of three state hospitals as well as the alleged kickbacks from the selling of passports.

He remarked that the newly published report condemned Partit Laburista’s behaviour.

The PN leader mentioned a recent court sitting relating to the proceedings he instituted in a bid to scrap the contract by which three state hospitals were handed over to VGH, a company with no real medical experience. He noted that following the sitting, he personally delivered letters to the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Finance Minister.

Delia explained that he told them what had transpired during the court proceedings and that he expected to see the government act on the matter.

“I will take the necessary steps to ensure that justice is served after this report and the government’s shortcomings,” he said.

Video – Partit Nazzjonalista