Watch: Delia laments ‘lack of vision’ in govt’s economic package

L-ewwel reazzjoni għall-pjan ekonomiku ppreżentat mill-Gvern

L-ewwel reazzjoni għall-pjan ekonomiku ppreżentat mill-Gvern

Posted by Adrian Delia on Monday, June 8, 2020

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia expressed concern about an “absolute lack of economic vision” shown by the government in the economic package announced this evening.

In his initial reaction to the package, made live on the party’s TV station Net, Delia said that he was pleased to note that a number of proposals that the PN had made weeks ago were taken up. However, he added, he was disappointed to note that in many cases, the proposals presented by the government were half-baked.

Delia noted that while the PN proposed a reduction in utility bills for families and businesses alike, the government only followed this up partially, with a temporary 3-month reduction which only applied to businesses.

He also observed that while the government has proposed to subsidise commercial rents, its proposal fell short of providing adequate support to businesses which face particularly high rents.

“These companies need to be kept running at a period where their business will inevitably suffer,” Delia said.

Malta falling behind on tourism

But he said that he was most concerned by the lack of vision shown, stating that the PN wanted a serious study into the sectors that could help Malta prosper in the future.

Delia then added that the government should not content itself with just promoting internal tourism, but should also see how best to attract foreign tourists to Malta.

“We want to see packages to attract tourists and compete with other countries, who are already launching their own initiatives,” he said.

Staying afloat not enough

The PN leader continued by staying that it was not enough for Malta to stay afloat; extending the metaphor, he said that Malta should be “on the boat leading us to a better destination.”

He said that it was useless for Prime Minister Robert Abela to claim that this was a time for celebration when businesses were awaiting direction and well-thought-out support.

Delia also noted that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna had confirmed that the number of unemployed has reached 11,000 in figures presented in Parliament, and also accused the government of treating with contempt “our heroes in the health sector; our frontliners.”

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