Delia lambasts AG, files court proceedings

Adrian Delia, Leader of the Opposition, wrote in a Tweet that he will be immediately filing court proceeding against the Attorney General after the AG informed him that he will not give Delia a copy.

Adrian Delia lambasted the AG and described the move as an “inexplicable and biased decision to deprive the opposition from having the full report of the Bugeja’s inquiry.”

The Attorney General Peter Grech said in a press statement, that he felt that he should not change his opinion on the publication and access to the report at this stage for the same reasons given on Sunday. The AG said that it was only under extraordinary circumstances given the public interest and its impact on Maltese public life that the main conclusions of the inquiry were published.

The Prime Minister has a full copy of the Egrant Inquiry while everyone else has 3% of the report, or 49 pages out of 1,500. The preliminary conclusions of the report were circulated to the media last Sunday a few minutes before the Prime Minister addressed a press conference on the subject.

On Monday, during a TV program, Delia said that he made a formal request to the AG in order to get a copy of the said report. He further argued that since the Prime Minister had a copy, it would make sense that the Opposition leader had a copy too.

Delia agreed to the publishing of the main conclusions

According to the Labour Party it is not clear on why the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia chose to sue the Attorney General following the latter’s refusal to publish the Egrant Inquiry report. The PL said that Delia agreed to the publishing of the main conclusions which were published on Sunday.