Delia insists government should inform Parliament on Libya visit

No ministerial statement has been forthcoming on last week’s official visit to Libya, with Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia requesting for one twice in two days to no avail.

“Do the Maltese people have the right to know what was agreed upon,” he asked at the end of his second unsuccessful request today.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Delia said that Prime Minister Robert Abela’s visit to Libya appeared to be of particular importance, but noted that details on the outcome of the visit were scant. He thus questioned whether a ministerial statement would be made, only to be informed that there were no plans for one.

Upon spotting Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo – who accompanied Abela on his visit along with Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri – today, Delia made a fresh request, stating that he wished to know what the government had agreed to, whether this agreement was binding, and whether there were any plans to open any centres to process migrants in Malta or Libya.

However, once more, Parliament was informed that no statement was scheduled.

No press was invited to accompany the government delegation to Tripoli – which was given a special exemption from quarantine regulations – and no press conference was held in its wake.

A memorandum of understanding on migration was signed with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord, which controls a small, if populous, portion of a country wracked by civil war. Much of the rest of the country is controlled by the Libyan National Army under Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, though the situation remains volatlie.