Delia holds urgent meeting with President


Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia held an urgent meeting with President George Vella on Monday morning, with PN media reporting that Delia requested the meeting in light of the recent revelations concerning Enemalta’s purchase of a Montenegrin windfarm.

An investigation by Reuters and the Times of Malta revealed that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech made millions in profit through the deal, having financed the acquisition of the same windfarm a few weeks earlier at a far lower price. The profit was made through secret Emirati company 17 Black, which documents have suggested would funnel money to the offshore structures set up by disgraced former minister Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

In comments made to his party’s NET News, Delia explained that he did not exclude asking for a formal meeting with the President to continue discussions. He insisted that this was the time when people came together to defend the country, and to recover from the reputational damage wrought by the government before it is too late.