Delia challenges PM to publish Covid-19 advice


Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia challenged Prime Minister Robert Abela to publish the advice he has received on easing the restrictions introduced to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, as he continued to express scepticism about the government’s action.

Delia was speaking during debate on the financial estimates of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, though he referred to the matter only tangentially.

He accused Abela of creating uncertainty by contradicting the recommendations of the health authorities.

“When the health authorities call for caution, the Prime Minister tells us to rush ahead. When the health authorities warn that more waves could be coming, the Prime Minister says the only waves can be found at sea,” Delia said.

The PN leader noted that as associations representing health professionals and others have expressed concerns about the direction Malta is heading in, questions had to be raised about the advice the government may be receiving.

“So I insist that he publishes the advice that he is receiving, so that the public can rest assured that he is acting on the basis of evidence, and not on the basis of what his ‘friends’ are telling him,” he said.

 “We want to return to normality,” the PN leader added. “But we also want peace of mind.”

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