Delia calls on PM Abela to sack Minister Caruana

Arkivji: PN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

‘Will newly elected Prime Minister Robert Abela fire Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana?’ Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader asked on Sunday morning after it was revealed that her husband and former deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta went on a holiday with Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech to watch a football match in the UK.

The PN leader addressed party supporters in Naxxar. During his speech on Sunday, Delia thanked former Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Simon Busuttil. Delia noted that Busuttil’s appointment as secretary general of the EPP group came during the same week that Muscat was named as ‘man of the year’ for corruption.

Valletta has said that at that time, he did not know that Fenech was a person of interest to the investigation reacting to the article by the Sunday Times of Malta.

Delia asked Prime Minister Abela whether he was aware that Valletta travelled with Fenech. “If you did know, do you think it is acceptable for Dr Caruana to still be minister?” Delia asked. He urged the newly appointed Prime Minister to take action if he was not aware of Fenech and Valletta’s trip.

“Abela is part of the web that sought to keep Egrant report secret

Delia said that Prime Minister Robert Abela who served as a legal consultant to the disgraced Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was by default part of the web that sought to keep Egrant report from being published.

Delia asked about Abela’s next move on Nexia BT and whether Karl Cini will be placed under investigation.

Committee on governance

Speaking about the committee on governance, Delia noted that the Cabinet committee included Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar. He reiterated his call, that Cutajar should resign.

Police Commissioner

Referring to the resignation of Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, Delia said that Cutajar was a puppet. He observed that while the Partit Laburista administration wanted to portray the resignation as a “win”, his resignation came two years too late. Delia added that Cutajar should not have been appointed to the highest post within the police force.

Attorney General Peter Grech also came under fire, during the Egrant court battle saga, Grech was found to have breached the rights of the Opposition leader. To his defence, Grech claimed that he “saw nothing wrong with the manner in which he had carried out his work”.

The Opposition leader took the opportunity to remind Abela that he expects contracts over controversial deals done by the PL-led government over the past years to be published and available for public scrutiny; including the Electrogas deal and the Vitals deal which saw the privatisation of three public hospitals.


Delia urged Partit Nazzjonalista supporters and activists to remain strong, he highlighted that it was the role of the party to be ready to intervene. The Opposition leader said that there was a need to work together in order to salvage Malta’s reputation.

“The party will rise on its feet during the country’s darkest hour and Partit Nazzjonalista will be the only solution,” Delia said.