Watch: “I will not be used” – Fearne to Delia

Updated 04:19 PM

Delia asks Fearne to join fight against hospitals’ concession

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that he invited deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne to join him in fighting the hospitals’ concession contract to Vitals Global Healthcare. However, in his reaction, Fearne later insisted that he will not allow himself to be used in what he described as a feud between the Nationalist Party’s factions.

Delia attended another court sitting about the case he had opened on the concession of the tree hospitals given to Vitals Global Healthcare.

He re-affirmed his opinion that the concession with regards to St Luke’s Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital and the Gozo General Hospital, must end immediately.

The sitting was scheduled at 12pm. Delia walked into court with Jean Carl Agius Ciscaldi and Alan Said.

In a comment to journalists after today’s hearing, Delia said that, under oath, there was confirmation by one of the auditors on the adjudication board. He said that in Court this witness confirmed what Delia has been saying for a long time.

He called on journalists to accompany him in a letter to Health Minister Chris Fearne about the details of today’s testimony. He said he would be inviting Fearne to join forces in the fight to break the Vitals’ contract.

“I will not be used” – Fearne to Delia

On Twitter, Fearne later insisted that he will not allow to be used in the feuds between the Nationalist Party’s factions.

“I do not need the guidance of Delia on matters of national interest,” he added. “Maltese politics deserves seriousness, not theatrics.”

Additional reporting by Joseph Giordimaina