Delia asks Hyzler to investigate Dubai trip; “Willing to collaborate” – PM

DOI – Clifton Fenech

The Opposition Leader Adrian Delia wrote to the Commissioner for Standards George Hyzler to investigate whether the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat breached the Code of Ethics when he flew to Dubai without providing an explanation as to how the trip was paid. According to media reports, this trip cost around €20,000. The Interim Head of the Democratic Party Timothy Alden said that after having written to the Commissioner himself yesterday, the investigation commenced. The Prime Minister said that from his end, he finds no problem in collaborating with the Commissioner.

In his letter, Delia wrote that he would like an investigation to be conducted in order to find out whether the Prime Minister has breached the Code of Ethics of the members of the Lower House and/or the Code of Ethics for Ministers and Parliametary Secretaries through this trip.

Timothy Alden also wrote to Hyzler asking him to investigate Muscat’s trips, given that his bank account appears as having the same balance as that of 2014. He said that till now he received a confirmation that his request reached the Commissioner and that the investigation is underway.

Last Friday, 27 December, Joseph Muscat flew on a first-class flight on the Emirates Airlines for a three day holiday to Dubai with his family. When asked by a journalist from The Times to provide an explanation for this flight which cost thousands of euros, the Prime Minister replied that it is none of his business. Later on, the website The Shift News reported that the tickets for this flight, were bought from Jordan.

Delia said that he is willing to help and collaborate with the Commissioner George Hyzler throughout the investigation about the Prime Minister’s holiday.

In a statement issued from the Office of the Prime Minister, a while later, Joseph Muscat said that the statement of the Opposition Leader is built on “speculations and assumptions.” The PM said that Delia is quick to request investigations about others, but “he has still not asked for an investigation about himself in view of the serious allegations brought against him about money-laundering.”

Read the letter to Delia here