Watch: “I did not speak with Louis Galea” – Adrian Delia

The leader of the Nationalist Party and Opposition, Adrian Delia, told that he did not communicate with Louis Galea regarding the letter Galea wrote to him on Thursday.

Adrian Delia gave his reaction about the letter to after an interview on Net Television where he stated that at the moment he will bring first the interest of the country. A statement which indicated that he will not step down as PN Leader.

On Thursday, Louis Galea wrote to Adrian Delia that he will ask the President of the PN Executive Committee, Alex Perici Calascione, to make sure that the PN Executive takes all measures to form a new leadership team.

The letter by Louis Galea followed a series of developments which escalated the situation within the party’s leadership.

PN Leader Adrian Delia has stated that during these 2 years he faced massive challenges by those who did not co-operate with the new leadership and that the party must now decide if it is for a selected few or if it belongs to everyone.

Adrian Delia was interviewed Thursday evening on the party’s station Net Television during a mini-marathon marking the birthday of President Emeritus, former Prime Minister and former PN Leader, Eddie Fenech Adami. This was the first reaction of the PN leader after today’s latest developments about the future of the Nationalist Party and of its leadership.

He also said he tried to build bridges with those who not necessarily agreed with his way forward for the PN. He admitted that he has done mistakes because the needed reform process has not been concluded yet or because it is taking way too long.

“Our call should be to find the soul of the Nationalist Party. Who chose me as the PN Party leader? To whom does the party belong to?” said Delia.

Adrian Delia said that at the moment he will bring first the interest of the country especially at this time when the country is leading a fight against corruption.

He mentioned how every PN Leader safeguarded the interest of the country and that of the party and that he decided to contest for the leadership of the PN because he felt it was the time that the party is given back to the people.