Declaration for inclusivity in Gozo signed

The ‘Arka Declaration’ regarding inclusivity was signed by civil society in Gozo at the Arka Foundation, Għajnsielem Gozo. This Declaration will require that the Government takes a direct interest in the promotion of integration and inclusivity in Gozo and proposes policy funding specifically targeted to the inclusivity of Gozitan needs. This took place during an activity organised in collaboration with the Europarliamentarians and Head of Delegation on behalf of the Labor Party Alfred Sant, the Gozo Office and the Socialist Group within the European Parliament.

Sant said in a statement that the Arka Declaration will propose initiatives for Gozitans with mental health problems, difficulties in hearing or victims of addictions. The Declaration also promotes equality in the confrontation of the LGBTI+ community in Gozo.

Sant thanked the members of the civil society in Gozo for their efforts, while also pointing out the challenges and problems that are associated with Gozo. He also spoke about the Declaration and claimed that this will serve as a new method to strengthen solidarity and encourage inclusivity in Gozo.