Acne treatment lands beauty shop in a spot of bother

Money in pocket

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A beauty treatment priced at €250 ended up costing a hapless consumer three times as much. The case was made public by the Director of Consumer Affairs following a hearing at the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

It started as a very normal occurrence: A consumer was targetted by a salesman and persuaded to buy a product against spots. The product cost €250. Once the salesman saw that the consumer was hooked, he kept adding products in such a way as to give the customer the impression that these were free. When push came to shove, the salesman handed the customer a bill for €750, three times the original price.

When the customer asked for a refund, the shop accepted the customer’s demand however the offer never materialised.

The Tribunal remarked on the element of confusion regarding the conditions of the sale transaction and decided for the shop to refund the customer the sum of €500.