Latest developments in PN leadership crisis

17 PN MPs want Delia out

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

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6:00pm President George Vella has cancelled the meetings with the Nationalist MPs amid the internal leadership crisis.

5:00pm MPs have been summoned to San Anton Palace by President George Vella. It is not yet known whether all Partit Nazzjonalista MPs have been summoned.

3.15pm: A spokesperson for the Office of the President told that the President had no comments to make or any information to divulge. The spokesperson said that the President was acting within the parameters set by the Constitution.

2:30pm: In a strongly worded letter, PN grandee Louis Galea said that he will ask the President of the PN Executive Committee, Alex Perici Calascione, to make sure that the PN Executive takes all measures to form a new leadership team. Louis Galea gave his views to the PN Leader Adrian Delia in a letter where he explained that, in such a scenario, the only hope for the PN and a strong Opposition is a new leadership team which must adopt the much-needed measures and proposals to reform the PN.

Galea also said how he had warned Adrian Delia and PN Secretary General Clyde Puli they will continue facing difficult situations which will make their situation even worse.

2:12 pm Kristy Debono submits her resignation

Kristy Debono has announced on Facebook that she has submitted her resignation from President of the PN General Council. Debono said that in view of the recent happenings within the party it is now time for new people to take on the leadership roles within the PN.

Fid-dawl tac-cirkostanzi li qegħdin jiżviluppaw u wara ħafna riflessjoni għadni kemm issottomettejt ir-riżenja tiegħi ta…

Posted by Kristy Debono on Thursday, February 6, 2020

1:34 pm “Conceding is not the option for PN” – Alex Perici Calascione

Alex Perici Calascione, the President for the PN Executive has shared his view on the current situation escalating within the Nationalist Party.

Perici Calascione wrote on his Facebook profile that he will shoulder the party’s interest first and not his. He said that the PN is at cross-roads and that all party officials must assume their responsibility. “Conceding is not the option for PN and should not be the option”, said Alex Perici Calascione.

Il-piz qawwi ta’ responsabilita’ li l-kariga ta’ President tal-Kumitat Ezekuttiv tal-Partit Nazzjonalista ggor maghha,…

Posted by Alex Perici Calascione on Thursday, February 6, 2020

12:40 pm Robert Arrigo signals his intention to resign

Robert Arrigo has shown his intention to resign from PN Deputy Leader, sources told

According to the same sources Robert Arrigo said that the aim to oust has turned to the destruction of the Nationalist Party and that hatred is now “ingrained with all strata of the party being contaminated”.

At least 17 PN MPs want Adrian Delia to reconsider his role as leader of the Nationalist Party and of the Opposition. In a joint statement, the MPs said that in view of the latest survey published last Sunday, Adrian Delia must reconsider his position for the benefit and interest of the Nationalist Party and of the country.

The statement says that there are 4 MPs who were present on Wednesday during the parliamentary group who want Adrian Delia to stay. Sources told that Secretary-General Clyde Puli, Deputy Leader David Agius, and MP Maria Deguara want Delia to stay.

Wednesday evening, in comments to the media, PN Leader said that he will lead the party into the next general election.

11:05 am Therese Comodini Cachia writes a letter to the leader of the PN

Nationalist MP Therese Comodini Cachia has written a letter to the leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia accusing him of failing to understand he cannot fulfil his role as leader of the Opposition and leader of the Nationalist Party.

In her latter Comodini Cachia wrote to Delia that several reasons led to this failure; some he inherited, others he created and others were created for him.

Therese Comodini Cachia is the 2nd Nationalist MP who came out against PN Leader Adrian Delia

7.27 am “Deceived” – Jason Azzopardi vents frustration at PN’s leader Adrian Delia

Jason Azzopardi expressed his anger and frustration at the outcome of the PN Parliamentary Group held on Wednesday where 14 MPs expressed that the Party has a leadership issue and that Adrian Delia needs to resign. 

In comments he gave to the media and which were also shared online on his Facebook page, Azzopardi said he felt “upset, deceived and honestly, flabbergasted.” Azzopardi referred to Delia’s comments after the meeting where he said that he decided to stay on and lead the Nationalist Party till the next general elections. 

Delia was asked to keep in mind the greater good of the Party and the country. The only MPs who defended Delia were PN secretary General Clyde Puli and Deputy Leader David Agius. is informed that there were 14 Member of Parliament expressed that the Party has a leadership issue and that Delia needs to resign to keep in mind the greater good of the Party and the country. The only MPs who defended Delia were PN secretary General Clyde Puli and Deputy Leader David Agius. 

A number of MPs who also spoke to said the ‘situation is now beyond desperate’. 

The Parliamentary group was discussing the outcome of the latest survey and trust barometer published by MaltaToday last Sunday which showed that Delia’s trust reached unprecedented low levels.

Azzopardi said that he was gobsmacked reading that just after 5 minutes after the conclusion of the meeting he categorically stated his intention to the media when in the meeting he told the MPs that he was going to reflect on what was said to him. 

The meeting lasted 5 hours and was described by Azzopardi as one where all MPs took part with genuine respect shown towards each other.

Azzopardi said that the attitude the decision is simply not on. “I feel used and my good faith abused. I feel it was a complete waste of time. Sadly, I feel he had already decided and merely used the meeting as a ruse to give a verneer of credence to his pre planned decion.

This is not fair. This is not just.”

He added that Adrian Delia should have been man enough to tell us that he had already decided, and that no matter what the absolute majority of the MPs told him bluntly today, he was going to simply ride roughshod over our positions and what the absolute majority of the electorate feels about him.