‘De Marco left from a meeting to defend a client’

DOI - Jsason Borg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna accused Opposition spokesperson for finance Mario De Marco of having a conflict of interest during a debate on budgetary estimates. Adding that De Marco had to leave to defend a client who allegedly is facing money laundering charges. Finance Minister Scicluna claimed that De Marco put pressure on the financial watchdog so that his client won’t lose their licence.

Opposition MP Mario De Marco requested to raise a point of order asking Minister Scicluna to substantiate his claims. Government Whip Byron Camilleri interjected by saying that the Minister had refrained from mentioning names. Opposition Whip Robert Cutajar said that Mario De Marco is the only Opposition spokesperson for finance.

Raising another point of order, De Marco said that it was Scicluna himself who had a conflict of interest, where on the one hand he has to act as a Finance Minister while on the other he has to defend Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi who is accused of money laundering.

Scicluna argued that he had no difficulties in defending his colleague and insisted that he would not retract any of his claims.

De Marco who by profession is a lawyer, asserted that the Finance Minister is attempting to stop him from practicing his profession.