db Project: Pembroke Local Council highlights concern; developers insist they’ve been addressed

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Pembroke Local Council has once again voiced its concerns about the db project planned for the locality in a statement, with the developers issuing a statement that the community will be protected through a number of environment-friendly measures which would be adopted during the building phase of the City Centre project.

The City Centre project which is planned for St George’s Bay in St Julian’s, will see db Group build a hotel, residential units and a shopping mall, among other things, on the former ITS campus site.

The local council has insisted that the project will cause an inconvenience to the residents since it will take years to be completed. Further, it insisted that the project remains massive and disproportionate with the rest of the locality.

The project was discussed during a local council meeting on Thursday after db Group submitted new plans for the development which have seen the original project downscaled.

The local council has acknowledged that the negotiations with the developers have led to some positive changes making it easier on the residents. Pembroke’s mayor Dean Hili remarked that despite the revised plans, the residents are still against the massive development. He noted that as a mayor he would be voicing the concerns of the residents at the upcoming Planning Authority Board meeting where he would be voting in the name of the local council and the locality’s residents.

The local council said that the new plans increased open public spaces by 40%, while Għar Ħarq Ħamiem will be protected as no excavations or development will take place over the scenic cave. Traffic management plans were changed and would see the traffic volume in the area decrease.

“We can’t understand why the local council will be voting against the development” – db Group

In its reaction, the db Group said it could not understand why the Pembroke Local Council is insisting on voting against despite having signed a memorandum of understanding in which the local council had committed itself to vote in favour of the project if its proposals were included.

db Group insisted that it has included a number of environment-friendly measures to reduce the inconvenience caused to the residents during the construction phase. The developers insisted that there will be no road closures around the construction site. Further, heavy vehicles would not be allowed to pass through resident areas and would avoid visiting the site altogether during peak hours.

The excavation machinery would be of the type which generated the lowest amount of noise and dust and there would be an adequate site perimeter barrier to minimise sound disturbance.