Daughter-in-law of Muscat’s lawyer to hear Fenech compilation

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The compilation of evidence in the case of the Republic of Malta vs Yorgen Fenech will be heard in front of Magistrate Nadine Lia. Fenech, who, among other things, stands accused of complicity in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, will be arraigned before the daughter-in-law of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s personal lawyer, Pawlu Lia.

Such cases are assigned on random ballot. The compilation of evidence will begin before 15th December. No call for recusal has so far been made, but it is not excluded.

Fenech, who was formally charged last Sunday, claimed that the Prime Minister’s friend and former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri was involved in the Caruana Galizia assassination.

Besides being Muscat’s personal lawyer, Pawlu Lia is also the government’s representative on the Commission For The Administration Of Justice and has also been involved in many of the court cases involving the Labour Party and its exponents. He was front line in the face off against Adrian Delia in his bid to publish a full version of the Egrant Inquiry. Magistrate Lia was appointed earlier this year and was immediately controversial given her links to the ruling government. The appointment was contested in court by activist group Repubblika, with the European Court of Justice, set to give its opinion on the issue.