Daphne’s murder: Vince Muscat’s lawyer renounces brief

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi who served as defence counsel for Vince Muscat has renounced his brief. 

In a comment given to Newsbook.com.mt, Azzopardi confirmed that he has renounced his brief, and that the firm would not represent Vince Muscat in any of the cases.

Vince Muscat who is known as il-Koħħu stands accused of murdering journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, along with brothers Alfred and George Degiorgio. In July, the Attorney General issued a bill of indictment, formally charging all three of them. 

In a front-page story by local Malta Today, it was revealed that Azzopardi has filed his official renunciation of the brief and all the other cases for Muscat, on Friday morning. 

Azzopardi has been Muscat’s legal representative for a long time. 

The three men were charged in December 2017 with the murder. 

The Sunday Times of Malta had revealed that Muscat had been offered a reduced sentence in exchange for testimony in the Caruana Galizia case.

Prior to Azzopardi, Muscat had Martin Fenech as legal aid lawyer. Azzopardi joined the defence team only recently when he requested bail on behalf of his client.