Daphne’s murder: Court expert refuses to answer questions

Martin Bajada, the expert appointed by Court to assist in the case of slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, refused to answer questions about his work in constitutional proceedings brought by one of the accused, Alfred Degiorgio, known as “il-Fulu”.

Degiorgio called for Bajada to be removed from this case because of doubts on his integrity as a court witness, arising from his involvement in a criminal case in 1993.  However, Bajada is still trusted by members of the judiciary, and is often asked for his expert advice.

Speaking in Court before Judge Silvio Meli, Bajada said that it is bound by law not to discuss the inquiry. He said so once more when several documents were shown to him.

The judge warned that if the documents were filed in a criminal case and have private telephone records of people in the area of ​​Bidnija at that time, he would have to ask the Commissioner of Police to take action against the lawyer, since the publishing of inquiry criminal records is a criminal act itself. Lawyer Victoria Buttigieg from the Attorney General’s office agreed with the judge and requested that the documents be removed from the case.

Cuschieri tried to refute arguments that the documents were already available, and the Court could limit access to the public, but the judge disagreed with him, and spoken the lack of respect in court. “This harms justice. You are humiliating the Maltese justice services” warned the judge.

The session continued with a number of comments whether Bajada should be trusted or not.

The case will continue to be heard in October.