“Daphne was assassinated for exposing the truth” – Reżistenza Malta


Banners were erected in Sliema and Bidnija to remind people on who stands to gain from the assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s elimination. Reżistenza Malta activists erected a sign in Bidnija and another one in Sliema with “Daphne: was assassinated for exposing the truth” on them. The activists were also commemorating her 54th birthday. In their statement, Rezistenza Malta said that following a period of dehumanisation, the “perfect” environment was created which allowed for the assassination to take place.

The activists also claimed that the country is witnessing glimpses of what they termed as fascist ideas and that impunity became the rule. Furthermore Reżistenza said that Malta is witnessing situations where those who speak against corruption were accused of treason.

54 placards commemorating Caruana Galizia

54 lilac placards were placed around the area where Daphne Caruana Galizia spent her childhood. The placards essentially contained the same message with different headings. An unknown activist group placed the placards ahead of the journalist’s birthday. The placards urge passers by to take photos and upload them to their social media account.