Dalli has to toe the EU line on abortion – FEMM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Maria Noichl FEMM MEP was clear ” Dalli is not Maltese any more and when it comes to abortion, Malta stands out and in the EU the line is that the woman has the right over her own body.” This broadside was one of the first statement issued by the FEMM representative adding that in the case of abortion, Malta stands out in the EU. She said that Dalli will have to keep her own ideas and past firmly in their place and remember that she acts on behalf of the EU. “She will certainly be asked about abortion and she will have to understand that she will now have a whole different patchwork of laws to contend with. At FEMM it is clear that women cannot be forced to terminate or continue their pregnancy against their will” sai the FEMM representative.

“There are three things which FEMM works for: Women need to have access to good doctors with sterile and safe terminations. Women should not be legally penalised. Women should not need to go to other countries for terminations” said No.ichl

FEMM, said Noichl, has five major issues: pro choice, domestic violence, gender pay gap, peace and gay rights. Noichl expressed her concern that the portfolio being proposed to Malta is entitled ‘equality’ leaving out the term ‘gender’. This she said has devalued, the work done on behalf of women. She said that the new commissioner will set out a binding paper for gender equality which will set gender benchmarks.