Dalli alleges Rizzo committed perjury

John Dalli

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Ex-European Commissioner John Dalli said that the ex-Police Commissioner John Rizzo lied under oath today when he gave wrong information about him when testifying in the public inquiry about the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Dalli released a statement which said that to the contrary of what Rizzo alleged in court, he had arrived in Malta from Brussels a week before Rizzo resigned from Police Commissioner. In court Rizzo said that he had all the evidence he needed to start investigating John Dalli, but Dalli was in Brussels and had medical certificates, so he had been waiting for Dalli to arrive in Malta. Rizzo said that he resigned on Friday and Dalli arrived on Saturday.

The dates are clearly outlined in Dalli statements, in which he insists that he arrived in Malta on 6th April 2013, as opposed to the date that Rizzo mentioned, the 13th April 2013. Dalli also claimed that his lawyer had informed the police when he would be arriving prior to his arrival.

In court Rizzo said that he had been informed that Dalli was to arrive on that day, but he explained that he had arrived later.

The ex-European Commissioner also denied that John Rizzo said that he didn’t have faith in OLAF. He explained that according to Inspector Gafa’s testimony in court in 2012, the Maltese Police launched the investigation on John Dalli to ascertain facts already established by OLAF. He also mentioned the police delegation that Rizzo had led in Brussels, which according to him, shows just how much Rizzo trusts OLAF.

He went on to disagree with what Rizzo said that an investigation could be launched even from a mere anonymous report. Dalli said that he himself had made reports to Rizzo personally, but these reports had never been investigated.