4 new coronavirus cases as 8 individuals recover

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Eight patients have successfully recovered from coronavirus while four new cases were detected following 972 swab tests between Friday and Saturday.

Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci said that the number of coronavirus cases reported in Malta is at 426.

In brief

  • Four new coronavirus cases reported
  • Eight patients have successfully recovered
  • The total number of Ħal Far ‘Tent Village’ residents who have tested positive for coronavirus stands at 35
  • Studies on immunity to the virus still underway

During the press conference, Prof. Gauci said that the authorities were carrying out the test for coronavirus on people who die suddenly or without a clear cause of death after it was pointed out that in some countries, states have revised the official death toll.

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12:55 Prof. Gauci urges the public to cooperate so that the situation remains under control.
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12:51 Do those in quarantine need an official letter?

People are in quarantine for various reasons. There are those who have been repatriated to the country, those who were in contact with an already confirmed case, and those who recovered.

Prof. Gauci says that the date is given so that both the person and the authorities are aware of the set date when one can leave their homes.
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12:51 Two people remain in intensive care.
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12:49 Will flights be opened once the rate of infection is below one?

For measures to be reversed, one needs to be sure of the tests being carried out. Speaking about the blood tests being used in UAE, she says that WHO deemed them invalid.
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12:48 Despite the low numbers, we need to be sure about the rate of infection within the community. It is important to abide by the instructions to keep the numbers low, Prof. Gauci says.

She explains that the health authorities have obtained various antibody testing kits. WHO has expressed its concerns on various kits.
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12:46 Could we see the lifting of measures as early as next week?
Prof. Gauci we're working on a strategy. Citing the experience in Japan, Prof. Gauci says that one needs to be cautious.
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12:45 On immunity studies are underway. Prof. Gauci says that for influenza one is immune for some six months. Studies are being done on the COVID-19, Prof. Gauci says.
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12:42 The first question relates to the death toll citing the revision of deaths in China and Italy, the journalist asks whether the number could be higher due to unreported cases.

Prof. Gauci explains that they're testing those individuals who come forward. The test is also carried out on those who pass away.

Prof. Gauci cites new regulations by WHO on how to report deaths.
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12:42 Question Time!
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12:40 'Take care of each other especially those who are vulnerable.'
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12:40 Prof. Gauci says that the single digit reports are due to isolation procedures. She reiterates her message for everyone to stay home in order to keep the situation under control.
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12:37 A 43-year-old Italian man tested positive. He was a contact of a previously reported cases.

Three residents at Ħal Far 'Tent Village' have tested positive. Prof. Gauci says that the whole open centre remains in isolation.
28-year-old man from Sudan
24-year-old man from Bangladesh
18-year-old man from Bangladesh

Out of the 426 confirmed cases, 35 patients are residents at Ħal Far 'Tent Village'.
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12:37 Four new cases were detected bringing the total number of cases to 426.

This means that 324 cases are still active.
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12:36 Prof. Gauci announces that eight more individuals have recovered bringing the total up to 99.
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12:24 Yesterday Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci announced ten new cases.
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On Friday, Prof. Gauci announced ten coronavirus cases which brought the total number of cases up to 422. The total number of people who have recovered so far stands at 91 while 3 people have lost their lives.

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