Watch: 3 new coronavirus cases detected; Another 7 recover

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Three new coronavirus cases were detected over night after 731 swab tests were carried out.

The Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci announced that another 7 individuals have successfully recovered meaning that the total number of recoveries is 399.

Since 7 March, a total number of 480 cases have been registered.

During the daily coronavirus update, Prof. Charmaine Gauci explained that seven patients are being treated at Boffa Hospital, five at St Thomas, and two at Mater Dei Hospital – one in intensive care, who is stable, and one at the IDU. All other cases are being treated at home.

Coronavirus Malta 04.05.20

12:54 Another question concerns frontliners who had to leave their family home, and whether they could back to their family home.

Prof. Gauci says that the time has not come yet.
Monique Agius
12:52 Prof. Gauci explains how to wear a mask.

Cloth masks should be washed at 60 degrees Celsius.
Monique Agius
12:49 Another question relates to the vulnerable. Prof. Gauci says that vulnerable are not yet allowed to leave their homes. She stresses at this point in time, vulnerable individuals should stay home.

Children under the age of 3 should not wear masks.
Monique Agius
12:48 Public Transport drivers have a right to refuse passengers if they are not wearing a face masks.

All the different swab kits were effective, Prof. Gauci says. She explains that further the tests were taken to medical labs to carry out PCR.
Monique Agius
12:45 The wearing of masks is obligatory in retail outlets, on the Gozo Channel and public transport. She says that a person who does not, would be committing an offence under the Public Health Act.
Monique Agius
12:43 Why were the health authorities against the wearing of masks or visors in public before now? What changed?

Prof. Gauci explains that a risk assessment was carried out. She says that when lifting a measure, one needs to mitigate.
Monique Agius
12:41 Another question concerns public gatherings and the record number of fines handed out on Sunday. Prof. Gauci said that the aim of the authority was not to fine people but to protect the public and curb the spread.
Monique Agius
12:39 Question time.

The first question concerns asymptomatic individuals and whether they could recover without ever showing any symptoms.

Prof. Gauci says that the phenomenon is still being studied. Asymptomatic cases were detected during random testing. Following these patients closely, some developed no symptoms until recovery. Asymptomatic cases can transmit the virus but at a lower rate.
Monique Agius
12:38 A mask or a visor are to be worn when using public transport.
Monique Agius
12:35 On wearing face masks in public, Prof. Gauci says that it is important to wear it to protect others as well as oneself.

She reminds businesses that they need to work out the number of people that could be allowed inside at one go.
Monique Agius
12:34 Prof. Gauci refers to easing of measures. She underlines that while measures on public gatherings have been eased off, did not mean that one should start gathering in public.

She says that vulnerable people should remain home and avoid going out. She warns that vulnerable people remain most at risk.
Monique Agius
12:32 7 patients at Boffa Hospital.
One person remains in intensive care, but he is not breathing through a ventilator.
One person at Mater Dei Hospital.
Monique Agius
12:31 The new cases:

33-year-old man and 50-year-old woman were both separate contacts of another person who had tested positive last week.

26-year-old health care worker who works at Mater Dei. A risk assessment was carried out.
Monique Agius
12:30 Seven patients have fully recovered. The total number of people who have recovered so far is 399, meaning that 77 active coronavirus cases.
Monique Agius
12:29 Three tested positive after 731 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, Prof. Charmaine Gauci announces.

All of which were symptomatic cases.
Monique Agius
12:25 Yesterday nine new cases were detected during the swab tests, while another 13 individuals had successfully recovered.
Monique Agius
12:20 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE blog.
Monique Agius

On the eve of lifting some of the coronavirus restrictive measures, the health authorities announced that nine new cases were detected in the tests carried out whereas thirteen individuals had successfully recovered.

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