Cyprus bans travel from Malta

Miguela Xuereb

Cyprus will join the growing list of country restricting travelling from Malta, after a decision to place the country along with Spain and Australia in Group C, effectively restricting entry to Cypriots and residents. These would then be required to stay in 14 days self-isolation and undergo a coronavirus test.

The decision will come into effect on 20 August and was announced on Monday by the Cypriot health ministry according to the Cypriot media.

Malta has been demoted from Group A – unrestricted travel – to Group C, following a new risk assessment on the coronavirus outbreak.

Cyprus classifies countries according to their reproduction rate R for coronavirus, the number of new cases, the number of tests, the mortality rate per 100,000 people, the estimated prevalence and WHO indicators.

Other countries which have placed travel restrictions on Malta include the United Kingdom which placed Malta on its quarantine list, Italy which requires travellers to present a negative coronavirus test at the airport when arriving from Malta, among others.

On Monday, a total of 69 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed overnight, the second highest number of cases reported in a single day.

The Maltese government announced new measures in a bid to bring the situation under control after the number of coronavirus cases registered per day continue to surge unabated.

The new measures include the closure of bars, discos and nightclubs, as well as the reintroduction of social distancing rules. The government will also introduce lists of countries deemed safe and others for which a negative test has to be presented.

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