Customs seized over 270,000 fake goods in 8 months


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Customs officials have seized over 270,000 fake and counterfeit products over the past eight months.

Customs said that a total of 49 containers each forty feet in length were full of counterfeit products. An inventory of 23 containers was made after the officials unloaded the products.

Officials have seized:

  • 159,779 pairs of sports shoes;
  • 6,910 pairs of shoes;
  • 46,032 deodorant;
  • 25,783 dresses;
  • 9,750 underwear;
  • 16,500 caps;
  • 1,828 handbags;
  • 1,796 audio devices.

The remaining 26 containers will be unloaded in the coming days. Customs estimate that the value of these counterfeit products amounts to €17.3 million had they been placed on the market.

Customs officials have also intercepted fake goods which were imported for the local markets. These goods were mostly imported through courier services.

Customs had 74 such cases and has found that people tried importing face masks (1,200), dresses (204), handbags (17), shoes (7), mobile phones, watches and car accessories.

Customs took legal action in every case.