Customs preparing for duties on UK imports following Brexit

The Customs Department has issued its guidelines in preparation for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which is set to be concluded at the end of the year and which is increasingly likely to happen without a deal.

In case of a no-deal Brexit, all imports from and exports to the UK will have to be covered by Customs formalities. Consignments will need to be covered by a Customs declarations, and all associated duties and other taxes have to be paid before the goods are released for free circulation within the EU.

For instance, the importation of vehicles will now be subject to 10% duty and 18% VAT, while a consignment of clothing will be subject to 12% duty and 18% VAT.

However, local industry which sources raw material from the UK for further processing and eventual exports can benefit from reliefs from import duties.

Economic operators are encouraged to apply for an Authorised Economic Operator status, which would allow them to benefit from several trade facilitation incentives.

Customs reminded that economic operators can make use of its online payment system for import declarations, noting that it would reduce queues at its cash points and consequently expedite the release of cargo.

At the airport, inbound passengers from the UK can no longer make use of the blue EU channel; they will instead have to choose between the green channel and the red channel: the latter should they have any goods to declare.

More information associated with Brexit and its impact on Customs procedures may be found on the department’s website Additional enquiries may be made by sending an email to or by calling 2568 5120/3/8.