Stop illegal dumping, Curia tells Government

The Archbishop’s Curia has called on government to rehabilitate a tract of land it owns in Marsascala after this land ended up a dumping site for an adjacent construction project being undertaken by government. The site is in an area called Ta’ Gidwed ir-Riħ, Marsascala

In a judicial protest filed against the minister for Transport, the minister for Education, the Foundation for Tomorrow’s schools, Transport Authority and Penza Construction Ltd, the Curia said that its property was invaded through the construction of a passageway and through the dumping of construction material over a substantial part of the land. This illegal dumping, which, although reported, was never stopped, was done surreptitiously and without the consent of the owners of the land. The judicial protest underlined that the illegal dumping was still on going

The Court was asked to stop this  intrusion and rehabilitate the land to its original state.