Cultivating a love for reading in our children

Faraxa’s children’s author Florina talks about the importance of rhyme.

During these last two years Faraxa Publishing has positioned itself as one of the island’s most popular publishers of children’s books.

The team represents a number of extremely talented local authors who have a passion for inspiring young ones through their work as well as various established publishing houses such as Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Macmillan Publishing and other top brands who choose Faraxa to translate world popular titles into the Maltese language.

Ultimately, no matter the language, the team strives to produce publications which ignite creativity and imagination, empower children to dream as well as give young ones the opportunity to cultivate a passion for reading. 

Florina Silvio, physiotherapist, teacher, mother and author of the loved-by-many ‘The Pin and the Tin’, is one of Faraxa’s most loved local authors and encourages parents to lead by example:

“Apart from being educational, fun and a great way to bond with your young ones, reading helps improve a child’s linguistic, literacy and cognitive development. Also, don’t expect your children to read if they never see you reading! Children will take your lead so show them that you love books too and you’ll quickly see that they will start to do the same” 

Silvio’s ‘The Pin & The Tin’ encourages independent reading by making it easier for children to read through the books rhyming verse – this is important as rhyming teaches children how language works, encourages them to imagine and helps them build a strong spelling muscle. Apart from the fact that rhyming makes reading extra fun, it motivates children to pay closer attention to the sounds that certain letters make when grouped together, and this will help them sound out difficult words and, eventually, become faster readers.

Silvio was recently interviewed by Coryse Borg on her series Between the Lines which shines a light on some of the island’s top local talent in literature. 

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This content was supplied by Faraxa Publishing