CSN proposes 50% cut in all utility bills

The NGO presented 6 economic proposals in view of the extraordinary budget to be presented on Monday

Miguela Xuereb

In light of the extraordinary budget to be presented by the government on Monday, the Civil Society Network, CSN, published economic proposals for a national debate on how the Maltese economy can fend off the negative impact of COVID-19.

The proposals were published by CSN on Sunday.

The NGO proposed that in light of the collapse in the price of oil there should be a 50% discount in all utility bills across the board, as well as a moratorium to pay those bills for six months.

It is also being proposed a reduction in interest rates which should remain fixed as regards bank loans and a reduction in VAT on essential products.

The Civil Society Network said that salaries in the civil service should be temporarily capped at €25,000 so as to redirect investments in the economy. This should exclude frontliners like the police and healthcare workers, said CSN.

Another proposal made concerns the Lands Authority. The NGO said that the authority should subsidise up to 75% of the value of rents, up to a value of €500, for registered rents.

The sixth proposal made is that there should be a committee composed of the largest economic entities, that is the Government, the Opposition, Trade Unions, and large-scale employers, so give its advice to the House of Representatives on the economic crisis.

The Civil Society Network said that this proposal ensures that nobody will be left out of the process and it will be more likely for the economy to be strengthened with a more even distribution of wealth.

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