World Cup: 2026 edition to be held in US-Canada-Mexico


FIFA will, today decided on who will host the world cup for 2026: and the winner was a joint bid by USA, Canada and Mexico. Morocco had put in a particularly strong submission but in the end lost out to the North American triumvirate.

Morocco had come out as a particularly strong contender for this world cup and has managed to mount a very credible challenge to ‘potentates’ such as the USA joint venture. Trumps restrictive policies also helped boost Morocco’s bid at the expense of the US bid. So strong was the scepticism about Trump policies and the way they might hit the beloved ball game, that Trump gave US football officials, or soccer as it is known in the US, vowing that players and fans will be given visas.

The New York Times reported seeing these letters in which, among other things, he reminded FIFA that the US has already hosted the World Cup and has hosted the Olympic Games twice. The NYT quotes Trumps’ letters as saying: “I am confident that the United States would host the 2026 FIFA World Cup in a similarly open and festive manner, and that all eligible athletes, officials and fans from all countries around the world would be able to enter the United States without discrimination.”