Cruise liners ranking amongst most polluting will make 122 port calls at Malta in 2019 – BirdLife Malta

BirdLife Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

BirdLife Malta said that the most polluting cruise liners will be calling at Malta for a total of not less than 122 times in 2019.

In a press release the NGO said that the list was jointly compiled with their German partner NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union). BirdLife is stating that a 21 of the worse ranking vessels in the list will be calling at Malta in 2019 for a total amount of no less than 122 calls. They added that cruise liners equipped with technologies that reduce air pollution will only make 33 calls at Malta in the same period.

BirdLife Malta Policy Officer Janina Laurent said “In Malta, air pollution is a major threat to human health, our environment and the quality of life for Maltese citizens, particularly in cities. Even though surrounded by sea and highly dependent on shipping traffic – knowledge and awareness of the problems resulting from ship emissions remain widely unknown and action from responsible government authorities is not being taken. Health-related external costs from air pollution are above €182 million per year and 44,000 workdays are lost each year due to sickness leave related to air pollution according to the latest EU’s Environmental Implementation Report. In Malta, these costs are covered under public funded health care.”

BirdLife Malta and NABU have been working on a joint project, which also included other international partners, to deliver an awareness campaign on air pollution generated by cruise ships in the Mediterranean since December 2016.

The long-term goal of the Together against Air Pollution from Ships project is the establishment of an Emission Control Area (ECA) in the Mediterranean Sea.