CRPD says union actions will impact negatively disabled children

The Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability said that it “expected the Minister for Education to react to union directives issued which will impact negatively students with disability”.

The CRPD was referring to online learning, something which the Chairperson to the CRPD, Oliver Scicluna had criticized: “While online learning may be a viable solution for some children, it is not a realistic option for most children with a disability”. The CRPD said that the directives include a moratorium of services given by peripatetic and other teachers in October.

The Commission said that these directives will affect negatively children with visual and hearing impairments and those that need early intervention, It will also impact badly those on the autism spectrum and those who receive home tuition.

CRPD said that it will be monitoring the cases and will take appropriate action in the coming days.